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Welcome Back👏🏾

I am happy to see your podcast is back. Looking forward to hearing more information regarding my Afro Latino/Latina brothers and sisters. We need this information more than ever now. 👏🏾😎

Ameneable podcast

I’ve enjoyed you podcast especially towards the late part of 2019. Your voice is missed at these very relevant times. I hope you are doing well and perhaps we get to hear back from you on this platform or any other.

Interesting topics

Such important conversations thanks for sharing!!

So great!

I love your podcast Alejandro!


Felicidades Alejandro! I am a “North American” of African descent. I am so happy and proud to hear and learn about Afro-Bolivianos and about black people everywhere en el Caribe y en el mundo Latinoamericano. Thank you for this podcast.

Amazing Podcast

Thank You, Mr. Gutierrez Duncan. Very Cool I listen one episode for only about 15 seconds and I instantly fell in love with this podcast. The things Mr. Gutierrez Duncan says is so interesting and amazing. Like great rapper/singer Drake once said... “Oh well, you win some you lost some. Doesn’t matter if the out come is income. You know I want more and then some”. When I’m bored, I listen to this. P.S. we share the same last name. :)


absolutely amazing! very educational and eye opening!

Amazing Podcast

This is genuinely one of the most interesting podcasts I have ever listened to. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to expand their cultural horizon.

I love this podcast

I can’t get enough of this podcast. I love it. The topics that it’s covered in the show are amazing.