Welcome Back👏🏾

I am happy to see your podcast is back. Looking forward to hearing more information regarding my Afro Latino/Latina brothers and sisters. We need this information more than ever now. 👏🏾😎

Ameneable podcast

I’ve enjoyed you podcast especially towards the late part of 2019. Your voice is missed at these very relevant times. I hope you are doing well and perhaps we get to hear back from you on this platform or any other.

Interesting topics

Such important conversations thanks for sharing!!

So great!

I love your podcast Alejandro!


Felicidades Alejandro! I am a “North American” of African descent. I am so happy and proud to hear and learn about Afro-Bolivianos and about black people everywhere en el Caribe y en el mundo Latinoamericano. Thank you for this podcast.

Amazing Podcast

Thank You, Mr. Gutierrez Duncan. Very Cool I listen one episode for only about 15 seconds and I instantly fell in love with this podcast. The things Mr. Gutierrez Duncan says is so interesting and amazing. Like great rapper/singer Drake once said... “Oh well, you win some you lost some. Doesn’t m…


absolutely amazing! very educational and eye opening!

Amazing Podcast

This is genuinely one of the most interesting podcasts I have ever listened to. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to expand their cultural horizon.

I love this podcast

I can’t get enough of this podcast. I love it. The topics that it’s covered in the show are amazing.