Launching AfroSaya The Pan-African Podcast

This is a new beginning


We are trilled to announce our new Podcast in English. It will follow the same format as AfroSaya in Spanish. The only difference is that AfroSaya The Pan-African Podcast will be produced in English. AfroSaya The Pan-African Podcast will talk about African descendants in the Americas and in the diaspora. We believe it’s time for an upgrade and we want to reach a bilingual audience. We know that more people today speak English and Spanish or either one. This podcast is for you!


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We want to tackle on issues that still affect our black communities. Thus, we will advocate for access to quality education, health and justice throughout our podcast. We will conduct interviews and, in special occasions, we will have guest speakers to share their personal struggles, stories and/or to join our movement/conversation.



AfroSaya The Pan-African Podcast will be available every Thursday twice a month. The audio podcast is free of distribution and you can listen to it by downloading throughout Apple Podcast, Google Play, or any other podcast platform where you access to it.

In addition, we  will have the audios available in our website

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We know that visibility is important for that reason help us to be divisible on your app or podcast platform. We are already in Overcast, Public Radio PR, and…

Join us. Be part of the movement.

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