June 28, 1969

Stonewall Riots

Intro: Hello everyone, I’m Alex Gutierrez, from Los Angeles, California; welcome to AFROSAYA the Afro-Latino Podcast. 

Today in our show, we will talk about Stonewall 1969. The Daily Beast reported, “The riots spanned six days and included three nights of so-called rioting between police and a diverse community of LGBTQ+ protesters. On the first night, the same police that had shown up to harass patrons, arrest a few gay people, and collect some cash, were overwhelmed.  They soon retreated into the very bar they had targeted and barricaded themselves inside, waiting for reinforcements to arrive and fighting off a barrage of coins, bricks, trash cans, and even a parking meter.  After help came, protesters were fought off, beaten, and a few were taken in. During those six days, police arrested 21 people. No one died during the riots—except for the Stonewall Inn itself, which soon after shut down and remained dormant for decades.” If you want to read more, clic here

Our guess for today is James. I talked to him about this tragic event in America, but how also this opportunity led the GLBT community to a fight for GLBT rights.

AfroSaya Talking about June 28

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