It’s Official, AfroSaya is in AudioBoom

Hello AfroSaya Podcast listener,

We are beyond excited to announce our new home for our podcast!!!

We like changes and we like to feel in movement, this year, we are moving to AudioBoom Podcast for our weekly AFROSAYA Podcast. This season, we’re featuring The Afro-Latino Podcast.

Afrosaya, Afro-latino Podcast
AfroSaya featuring The Afro-Latino Podcast official note

You’ll still find our previous episodes in Spanish and in English. We just changed our home, but nothing else, we promise. We are committed to continue working with the same passion and dedication.

If you can’t find us for whatever reason, please feel free to email us at we will be happy to hear from you. Also if you want to listen to our first or second season of Somos Afrobolivianos Podcast, email us we will share the audios directly with you.

Actions to take:

Hope you support us by downloading the podcast,

sharing it with your friends and family (Facebook, Twitter, IG, Snapchat) and

if you can support us financial, please go here 



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