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Los Imigrantes Somos Importantes

Intro: Hello everyone, I’m Alex Gutierrez, from Sacramento California, welcome to AFROSAYA the Afro-Latino Podcast. 

Los Imigrantes somos importantes Afrosaya

Today in our show, I have an awesome conversation with one of the executive creators of The North Pole Show. If you want to know more about the show, please chick here

However, if you haven’t, let me share what The North Pole Show is.

In its groundbreaking first season, The North Pole introduced us to Oakland’s favorite trash-talking, revolutionary polar bears: Nina, Benny, Marcus, and newcomer Finn.

Now in the aftermath of the police confrontation that rocked North Oakland in the Season 1 finale, Benny is locked up and threatened with deportation. When his radical lawyer convinces him that the best defense is a good offense, Benny decides to runs for office against the shady local Sheriff who is trying to deport him. In the process, he becomes the first undocumented immigrant to run for public office in America – only the first of many ways that his DIY, hilariously subversive campaign will be unique.

Meanwhile, wildfires rage around Northern California, and Nina, Marcus, and Finn face their own struggles with major health crises, racist family members, and ridiculously escalating Twitter wars. As Benny’s unorthodox campaign gains mass attention and spirals out of control, the four friends must somehow unite the neighborhood to defend Benny – and the place they all call home.Written and executive produced by Josh Healey, directed by Yvan Iturriaga, The North Pole is executive produced by Rosario Dawson and Movement Generation. The show is co-executive produced by Favianna Rodriguez and Darren Colston.

Our guess for today is Yvan Iturriaga director of the North Pole  . Let’s do it

Content – History Background:

Yvan Iturriaga is an Oakland, CA based writer/director that spent his childhood border-crossing throughout Latin America, living in the extended Chilean exile community. Being always on the move made Yvan an avid observer with a unique worldview. Constantly living in the undefined space between exile and return, surrounded by people with silenced, clandestine stories, Yvan developed an urge for storytelling that inspired him to become a filmmaker. At age 15, he moved to the US and graduated from Berkeley High School. He later attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where, after flirting with Politics and Philosophy, Yvan realized film was the ultimate tool for channeling his creative talents and his desire to unsettle mass audiences. IMDb

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Well people there you have it. Los Immigrants Somos Importantes!

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