African Roots in Bolivia


The African Miners

Today in our show, we will continue with our journey throughout South America. As we intent, this is a podcast about Blackness in the Americas. Our guess for today is Bolivia. 

We will share a little bit of history, music, culture and more. 

Bolivia is a beautiful county located in South America. The official name is The Plurinational State of Bolivia. It shares borders with Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. 

Bolivia from its independence was born with the pacific ocean. Today Bolivia is still on the fight for recuperating that portion. Bolivia needs access to its ports and neighbor countries like Chile should continue with the talks. 

The original name was Republic of Bolívar. Some days later, congressman Manuel Martín Cruz proposed: “If from Romulus comes Rome, then from Bolívar comes Bolivia”. The name was approved by the Republic on October 3, 1825. 

In 2009, a new constitution changed the country’s official name. Today the official is “ the Plurinational State of Bolivia” it is in recognition of the multi-ethnic nature of the country and the enhanced position of Bolivia’s indigenous peoples under the new constitution.

Bolivia has to hearts, what I mean with that, it that Bolivia has two capital cities, one is Sucre and the other is La Paz. 

Sucre remains as the constitutional capital city and La Paz is the financial and administrative city. In other words. In Sucre sits the Supreme Court and in La Paz sits the Legislative and the Executive Branch. 

If you want to know more about Afro-Bolivians. I would like to propose the following. 

First, if you are outside Bolivia. Look for information online about Afro-Bolivians. That would alert the internet browsers and It will start collecting information and it would become more visible for other people. 

Second, participate in events and seminars where Afro-Bolivian’s culture is the central topic. And very important,  Ask questions be an active listener.

Third, share information about Afro-Bolivians. If you are on Facebook, make friends with Afro-Bolivian Organizations, like our Facebook Page.  Ask about events and share stories, photos and videos. 

Finally, if you are in Bolivia, recognize that Bolivia is also NEGRA!

There is a lot to talk, but if you have questions or you want to know something about Afro-Bolivians and we didn’t cover, you can email me at or go to and get in touch with us. 

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