Intro: Hello everyone, I’m Alex Gutierrez, from Sacramento California, welcome to AFROSAYA the Afro-Latino Podcast. 

Today in our show, we will talk about our experience in South America and the presence of African descents.  As we intent, this is a podcast about Blackness in the Americas. We share history, music, culture and more. 

Our guess for today is South America. let’s do it

In the making of this podcast and this episode, I was thinking about the experience of talking about every single country in South America and the presence of African descents. But first, lets me quiz you. I will ask you 5 questions about South American and the countries we covered during the Afro-Latino experience.

I will say the questions and I will give 3-5 seconds to respond the questions. If you are driving, walking home, in the gym or wherever you are listening to this podcast, just screaming your answer and  I will say the right answer after that. If you get it right, Bravo to you, if you get it wrong, this is a perfect time to learn. 

Remember we are an education podcast. 

Set, ready? Go

This has been an excited experience. During my research I learned a lot about Afro-descents. When we talk about Afro-Argentines, I wanted to make emphasis in the type of music that Afro-Argentines brought to Argentina. Tango is one of them and I hope you bring it up when you talk about tango or Argentina in general.  Now, when we talk about Brazil, I found out that not everyone feels identified with the term Afro. Some people prefer Negro, Mulatto, or Moreno. So tags matters and not everyone loves the term afro. 

I also became more aware of the type of information, we receive from South America.

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