Afrosaya is a philosophical movement based in the philosophy of Pan-Africanism which is a worldwide intellectual movement. The Pan-Africanism aims to encourage and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent with a substantial support base among the African diaspora in the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States.

What is AFROSAYA Podcast?

AFROSAYA PODCAST is an online media platform. We produce podcast shows and published journals of news and culture. AFROSAYA The AfroLatino Podcast is produced by Alejandro Gutierrez. Alejandro continues working with Afrodescendant communities in Latin America, particularly with the Afro-Bolivian community in Bolivia and in the diaspora. AFROSAYA Podcast is produce in English and in Spanish.

Our approach is to tackle on issues that still affect our black communities in the Americas. Thus, we advocate for access to quality education, health and justice throughout our Afrosaya Podcast and blog. We conduct interviews and, in special occasions, we have guest speakers to share their personal stories and/or to join our movement.

Who is the content creator of AFROSAYA Podcast?

Alejandro. He is an academic scholar, activist, Afro-Bolivian, member of La Saya Afroboliviana, LGBT, activist and, recently, Zumba instructor. Alejandro earned distinctions from the United States Bureau of Education and Culture Affairs, the Department of State, and the United Nations. His work involved him as exhibitor in national and international conferences. Alejandro has advocated and spoken on immigration issues, human rights abuses, intercultural property, and participated in community development plans.

Recently, he has been writing for different blogs such as “We of the Saya”, “Somos Afrobolivianos”, “Cultura Now” and “AFROSAYA”. Currently, he volunteer working as Executive Producer of the podcasts: “AFROSAYA”. He is on Facebook, Twitter and IG, but you will find him more often on his Podcast! If you can, please follow him on Facebook on his project AFROSAYA.


Información en Español

AFROSAYA el Podcast es producido por el líder Afroboliviano y activista Alejandro Gutierrez. Él ha dedicado más de diez años al activismo y reivindicación de derechos humanos de los afrodescendientes en Bolivia, las Américas y la comunidad GLBT (Afros e Indígenas). El programa “AFROSAYA” busca poner en la discusión el tema de la esclavizacion, colonialismo y post-colonialismo en las Americas. El program tiene contenidos sobre investigaciones, reflexion, música y notas personales.


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