In episode 88, Alex and Marie Nubia-Feliciano discuss current issues surrounding the Afrolatinidad. Alex break the conversation in four questions; situation in Haiti, Sac Bee article, Puerto Rico, race and ethnicity and trending Afro-latinos in the US. 
Show notes:
  • We could start with the latest news. Haiti and the political situation if you have any inputs on that. 
  • Then we will talk about Sac Bee and the article. How do you feel about it? As news articles; many times reporters leave things out. Is there anything you would like to expand?
  • Finally, what's going on in the Island. How is Puerto Rico? What are the future challenges as an Island? How do you think the context on race and ethnicity is changing?
  • And where do you think the term Afro-laitno is going in the US?

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